North East Virtual Assistant Conference

Ryan Mulhern

Ryan Mulhern

Ryan Mulhern

Video Expert


Video Strategy for VAs

As well as running a Video Agency for over 10 years, Ryan has also trained hundreds of businesses how to create their own video content on a Smartphone.

Video is the best way to tell stories and connect with customers. But effective video marketing can seem overwhelming and expensive to many marketers that want to integrate video into their business.

With the rise in Smartphone video technology, creating videos is easier than ever. But people are still making simple mistakes and don’t have a roadmap for their video content to help them reach their aims.

Ryan will teach you how to create a Video Strategy from scratch to ensure your videos will perform well and help you build an audience and generate leads.

He will show you the best techniques to film professionally on a Smartphone to help build your personal brand.

Introduce you to the equipment, apps and techniques to use so you can edit your footage like a pro.

And talk about the latest video tech and tools that will help make the whole process easier, including the use of AI in video.