North East Virtual Assistant Conference

Our Equality & Diversity Statement

Equality Policy

At the North East Virtual Assistant Conference (NEVAC) we provide equal opportunities in:

and all other people management decisions within our business.

We take into account:

individual abilities
the requirements of the job

We do not take into account:

race, colour, ethnic or national origin
sexual orientation
unless it is directly relevant to the work and we are legally entitled to take it into account

Diversity policy

You should treat other people with tolerance and respect.

You must not:

speak to anyone (or about anyone) using racist or sexist language or terms that show a lack of respect for their religious beliefs
refer to someone’s physical or personal characteristics
tease people about their physical characteristics
tease people about their sexual orientation
tease people about their religion
try to persuade other people to agree with your religious, philosophical or political beliefs.

Reporting and resolving problems

If a colleague or your boss says something that upsets you, have a quiet word with them in private and ask them not to do that again.  If you feel this is not appropriate, or have tried this and it has failed, talk to your manager, or your manager’s manager.

If a customer says something inappropriate to you or treats you in a discriminatory or abusive way, try to stay calm, ask your manager or a colleague to complete the transaction with the customer, or if no-one else is available, ask for their contact details if you do not already have them and say a colleague will get back to them.

We do not expect you to suffer abuse or harassment at work.

We take our equal opportunity policy seriously.  If you breach it, we may end the contract between us without notice.  If you think we have breached the policy, please raise it with us in writing.