North East Virtual Assistant Conference

Nigel Cliffe

Nigel Cliffe Speaker

Nigel Cliffe

LinkedIn Expert


What VAs REALLY need to know about LinkedIn!


Social media channels compete for our eyeballs! LinkedIn is clearly the front-runner in business social selling.

What can we do to maximise our profiles and improve our engagement?

Nigel will ‘Lift the Lid’ off what can be achieved by the improved use of LinkedIn:

·       What does your LinkedIn profile tell your visitor?  5 Top Tips to Improve Your Profile

·       How can we improve our engagement to get into more of the right conversations?

·       How do we act in the best interests of our clients?

Nigel will talk us through the most valuable things we can do to our LinkedIn profiles and through our engagement to make us attractive to the audience we seek. He will also offer some key tips to maximise your client’s use of LinkedIn.

He also promises us the opportunity to ask our own questions and guarantees it will be fun, too!

You are guaranteed to learn something YOU can take away to improve your presence and outcomes from spending time on the LinkedIn platform in this session!



With a rich journey spanning over thirty years in the multi-channel marketing landscape, Nigel mastered the fine art of weaving technology and marketing strategies to foster business growth and enhanced performance.

In 2013, he channelled this wealth of experience into founding Value Exchange, a business conceived from successfully using LinkedIn as a powerful engagement and business development tool. The enterprise is tailored to guide others in replicating this success, standing as a beacon that illuminates the pathway to leveraging LinkedIn’s potential.

As a revered trainer and a speaker, Nigel brings an infectious enthusiasm to the world of LinkedIn education. His presentations are not just engaging but are packed with practical advice, serving as a rich resource for individuals, businesses, and organisations aiming to elevate their lead generation and establish a formidable presence in thought leadership spheres.

His clients stretch from fledgling one-man start-ups to prestigious FTSE 100 corporations and extend to educational institutions, charitable organisations, and various arms of the UK central government.

Nigel firmly believes LinkedIn holds a reservoir of opportunities for everyone, ready to be tapped into with the right guidance, regardless of where they stand in their professional journey. His mission? To help you unlock LinkedIn’s full potential to pave a path towards achieving your unique set of goals.

Immerse yourself in Nigel’s world and glean insights from his rich repository of knowledge through his active LinkedIn profile. The journey of learning and growth starts here. Let’s traverse this road together, one LinkedIn step at a time.

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