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7 Reasons to attend a virtual assistant conference

7 Reasons to attend a Virtual Assistant Conference

Taking time out of your business is hard.  We get it, especially if you charge by the hour, but here are 7 important reasons why it can actually end up being more valuable to take that time out and attend an industry conference.

1.        You learn.  Many conferences offer educational sessions that will help you grow your business and you, as an individual.  Learning is such a valuable tool within any business or person, and it is important to make time for that.  And remember, even if a session covers a subject you are already familiar with, there is always something new to learn.  Continual Professional Development (CPD) is such an important part of being a Virtual Assistant as the industry sees rapid change and progression – this is one of the best ways to stay on top of it all.

2.       You collaborate.  You get the chance to meet other people in your industry.  Running a business can be really lonely.  Attending a conference gives you the opportunity to meet others who may be facing similar challenges as you.  From these meetings, you can build a trusted support network to get you through the down times and celebrate the good.  Not only that, but many virtual assistants end up working together on projects or as associates, helping to grow and advance your VA business.  In fact, that’s just how we (Gwen & Amy) met – at a virtual assistant conference, and now we’re bringing you this conference!

3.       You stay compliant.  A Virtual Assistant Conference worth its salt will have experts attending who understand the industry and the law.  It’s a great way to stay on top of any legal and legislative changes that affect the industry.  Laws and legislation are constantly changing and directly affect the way virtual assistants carry out their work.  What better way to stay on top of it without having to read pages and pages of legal jargon?

4.       You get a break from your business.  Seriously.  When it is your own business, you work hard, all the time, and probably more hours than you should.  By attending a conference, you get away from the day-to-day, meaning you can return refreshed and ready to go. 

5.       You get a goodie bag (or swag bag as they are sometimes called).  We all love a freebie, and in most cases, a bag full of them.  Granted, some are better than others, but you usually get something worthwhile.

6.      It’s fun!  The Virtual Assistant Industry is such a welcoming and friendly industry.  No matter whether you know people before you come or not, you will be made to feel like one of the family as soon as you step into the room.  VA Conferences tend to be informal, and there are always some fun and collaborative sessions during the day.  You will leave having had an enjoyable day, and you will have made new friends.

7.       You don’t have to make your own lunch and you get a supply of coffee/tea and nice refreshments all day.  Ok, I’m clutching at straws here, but it’s true!  Lunch and refreshments are usually provided at conferences, so that’s got to beat a cheese sarnie at your desk, right?

So, there you go, 7 reasons why attending virtual assistant conferences is good for you and your business.

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